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Welcome to Build Your FIRE a personal finance site dedicated to helping others hack their way to Financial Independence so they can Retire Early, one optimization at a time. Whether you are new to FIRE and don’t know where to get started, or someone who is already well on their path and looking for ways to improve their journey, we are here to help!

At BYF we focus on leveraging the power of living with intention, simple buy and hold investing, and realistic frugality to create a passive income flywheel that will generate enough money for you to retire in just ten years.

To someone new to the concept of FIRE this might sound like something that only people who are high-income earners can achieve but we’re here to show you that most middle-class people, just like you, have this as an option and we will teach you the techniques to get there.


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4 Ways That Switching to a Vegan Lifestyle Revolutionized My Life and Path Toward FIRE

Switching to a vegan lifestyle was one of the best life optimizations made on my path toward FIRE. Why? Wealth, health, and compassion for others are all embedded into this lifestyle in a number of ways. Building Your FIRE is all about building and protecting your assets, planning for the long term, and having a … Continue reading 4 Ways That Switching to a Vegan Lifestyle Revolutionized My Life and Path Toward FIRE

Let’s Talk About Optimizing Your Emergency Fund

Financial Independence isn’t binary: There are multiple levels on the path to FI, and I believe that having an Emergency Fund is one.

For those of us who want to invest every dollar, it might be tempting to try and go without. While I get that it is tempting to game this aspect of your personal finances, trust me, you still need one. This is the bedrock of your portfolio.

Remember: The whole reason we strive for financial independence is so we can buy our freedom from the problems and stress that money can bring into our lives.

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