5 Steps You Need To Pick The Right Index Fund In Your Retirement Plan

Don’t know what fund your 401k/403b is investing in?

Didn’t know your 401k/403b was investing in a fund at all?

Don’t worry. You are not alone.

Fees could be eating away at your earnings and if left unchecked could cost you hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of dollars over your lifetime. Continue reading “5 Steps You Need To Pick The Right Index Fund In Your Retirement Plan”


Let’s Talk About Optimizing Your Emergency Fund

Financial independence (FI) is not binary: achieving FI is a journey, and I believe that having an emergency fund is one step in that journey.

For those of us who want to invest every dollar, it might be tempting to try and go without an emergency fund. While I get that it is tempting to game this aspect of your personal finances, trust me, you still need one. This is the bedrock of your portfolio.

Remember: The whole reason we strive for financial independence is so we can buy our freedom from the problems and stress that money can bring into our lives.

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10 Steps to Retire Early by Finding Financial Independence

You read that title right:

If you follow the steps below, you too can grow your money to a point where you never have to work again, if you choose.

After all, that is our goal here at Build Your FIRE: We want to give you the tools, resources, and encouragement you need in one place to build your wealth to the point where you become financially independent and retire early (FIRE).

While yes, getting rich is part of FIRE, the actual goal here is to leverage money as a tool that will help you buy the most important resource of all: Time.

Once you achieve financial independence you no longer have to take crap from a boss, have the time-suck of work eating most of your waking hours, and most importantly, it opens up options for your life that were never possible while working a 9 to 5 grind. Continue reading “10 Steps to Retire Early by Finding Financial Independence”

Happy and Arms up

7 Habits and Skills that will Save you Money and Increase Happiness

The path to financial independence is built on your long-term habits, not one or two small actions.

For example, the stereotypical personal finance “tips and tricks” advice to save money is always something along the lines of: stop buying coffee out, clip coupons or shop around for the best price on gas. Now while those things will typically save you some money, they miss the bigger picture: You need to continually look to optimize your lifestyle and spending to bring up your Savings Rate through an amalgam of habits and skills. Clipping coupons, while maybe a nice habit, is not going to allow you to achieve financial independence on its own.

What I have written below are what I believe to be the habits, skills, and mindset that give you the best return on your investment of time and willpower that will also provide more satisfaction in your day-to-day life. Continue reading “7 Habits and Skills that will Save you Money and Increase Happiness”