Welcome to Build Your FIRE a personal finance site dedicated to helping others hack their way to Financial Independence so they can Retire Early, one optimization at a time. Whether you are new to FIRE and don’t know where to get started, or someone who is already well on their path and looking for ways to improve their journey, we are here to help!

At BYF we focus on leveraging the power of living with intention, simple buy and hold investing, and realistic frugality to create a passive income flywheel that will generate enough money for you to retire in just ten years.

To someone new to the concept of FIRE this might sound like something that only people who are high-income earners can achieve but we’re here to show you that most middle-class people, just like you, have this as an option and we will teach you the techniques to get there.

Here are the tools we are going to use to optimize your life, make you rich, and most importantly, make you happier:


Since a supportive community is critical when working towards any goal we recommend that you to join us at “The Camp FIRE,” a private Facebook group where we encourage questions and conversation all geared towards helping each other on our journey.


We know first hand that beginning the path towards financial independence and retiring early can be confusing, so for those of you getting started, we created a free course that will walk you step by step through the core concepts of FIRE all the way through investing your first dollar with confidence.


Podcast (Coming Soon):

On the Build Your FIRE Podcast we interview the most inspiring people in the FIRE community, learn about their unique story and deep dive into what methods, hacks, tips, or tricks gave them the most value along the way.



Since living a life of FIRE is at the intersection of happiness, intentionality, and frugality, we will never run out of topics to discuss. The BYF blog continually covers all the fine details of those elements, helping you sharpen your saw by continually looking for areas where you can improve.


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